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Brief Introduction about Abhinav Arts

Abhinav Arts produces wide range of services to facilitate an affordable production in the highest professional standards. We provide productions with a full package of services - from the initial research to coordination, filming and post production.

Serving the entertainment world for over a  decade, Abhinav Arts has provided professional productions like documentary films, feature films and several music videos. We work with leading production companies and broadcasters in India. We have not only co-coordinated professional shoots but also executed and marketed feature films.

Abhinav Arts services include Feature Film Production, Event Management, Casting Management for Bollywood Projects, Talent Promotion, Film Production Services, Film Promotion and Marketing throughout the world, PR Services to Film and Event, Corporate Film Production Services, Ad Film Production, Research and Training and Analysis Services in India.

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As an organization that is involved in so many activities, one can just imagine how our operation base would be like. Truly, we have a young and a vibrant team of professionals, who are ever ready to exploit every bit of their talent. They come from the diverse fields - films, radio, advertising, fashion and other fields. We have always adhered to the tradition of offering top-quality services to our clients.

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